Business Services

Business Deposit Sweep

 Corporations, Partnerships and Sole Proprietorships can use excess funds to earn interest on excess balances by investing in Federated Funds.


Commercial PS Banker

Our Commercial PS Banker provides 24-hour access to your accounts online and gives you the option of additional Commercial Services





Merchant Card Service

Society is increasingly using plastic to pay for purchases. Along with being convenient for your customer, accepting MasterCard/VISA should curtail the need for you to carry any receivables on your books. Now you can accept credit card payments from your customers easily!

Accepting MasterCard or VISA as a merchant requires some investment, however the cost to you depends on your manner of processing, the average ticket sale, and your sales volume. A discount rate is assessed with a formula using your average ticket sale and sales volume along with the processing fees charged by MasterCard/VISA.

Processing your sales is handled through Electronic Draft Capture which requires an authorization terminal. PS Bank provides the terminal and supplies for your use as long as you process as a PS Bank merchant.

To obtain an application and more detailed information, please contact our Merchant Credit Card Service Department at (570) 746-1011.

Remote Deposit Capture 

Bring our business to your business! With PS Bank's Remote Deposit Capture, you can conveniently deposit checks electronically without leaving the office.