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My Mobile Money



My Mobile Money puts YOU in control. With the My Mobile Money app, fraudsters don’t stand a chance. We’ll not only let you know if suspicious activity is happening, but what to do about it. Here’s what you can expect:

• Turn your card OFF when not in use!

• Manage your PS Bank Visa Debit card by viewing transactions.

• Set alert notifications by location, merchant type, transaction type, spending limits, or for all transactions!

• If a transaction looks suspicious, we’ll send a notification to your phone.

• You will be able to tell us immediately if it’s really fraud.

• If it’s not a valid transaction you made, we’ll immediately lock down your card.

• If it’s not fraud, you just let us know and keep using your card as usual.

Round-the-clock fraud protection is built into your app to protect you against criminals. Our Fraud Analysts are watching out for you 24/7 and will report on any suspicious card activity so you can rest easy: If you lose your card or suspect fraud, call 866-746-1011.

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