Business Banking Services

Streamline operations, increase efficiency and enhance security with our suite of cost-effective services.

Technology has transformed the business world, leading to cutting-edge solutions for managing money, processing card purchases, and fighting fraud. At PS Bank, we offer competitively priced services that address everyday challenges and keep you ahead of the curve.

It's like an online command center for your financial operations. View all your accounts in one place. Monitor transactions in real time. Move money wherever it needs to go.

  • Get up-to-the-minute account balances
  • Use ACH (Automated Clearing House) Origination to move money into and out of your accounts
  • Reduce check processing costs by paying bills and collecting payments electronically
  • Review transaction histories
  • Download financial data to commercial software for deeper analysis

These days, fewer people are paying with cash or checks. Make sure your business can accept debit and credit cards - along with just about any other payment form.

  • Process a wide range of credit cards and debit cards
  • Funds moved to your bank account within one business day
  • Customized payment terminals and other technology to suit your business needs
  • Generate detailed reports that help you manage inventory, analyze sales trends and develop marketing approaches
  • Protect your customers and business from fraud with state-of-the-art security

There's nothing efficient about dispatching an employee to the bank every day with batches of incoming checks. This desktop scanning system allows you to skip the trip and send check images straight from your office computer to PS Bank for deposit.

  • Deposit checks remotely 24/7
  • Generate detailed reports of each day's deposit activity
  • Easily access check images
  • Use search tools to resolve payment questions
  • Access data on each transaction, including customer name, date and data amount
  • Improve your cash flow with faster check processing
  • Reduce the risk of carrying many paper checks in public

Businesses lose millions of dollars each year to check fraud. But there's an effective way to defend yourself. Before we process a check on your business account, we can make sure it hasn't been forged or altered. Here's how Positive Pay works:

  • You'll notify us via computer every time your business sends out a batch of checks.
  • Your communication will include important information such as the check numbers, the dates and the dollar amounts.
  • We'll closely monitor all checks presented for payment.
  • If something doesn't match your original list, we'll alert you with an email or text.
  • You can then decide if the payment should be made or rejected.

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