Online Banking Conversion Guidebook for Business Customers

PS Bank is excited to remind you that our Internet Banking and Mobile Banking systems will be updated the weekend of June 15.

If you're a business customer that uses the ACH functionality in online banking, we want to prepare you for the process of changing over to the new system.

Please review the topics below, and do not hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions at 1-866-746-1011.

What to expect from Friday, June 14th through your first log on.

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Please export your saved templates, as these will go away during conversion.

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PS Bank Online supports three options for account access. In addition, the primary account owner can grant permission to view statements online.

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Once enrolled in small business, the primary user can add any number of secondary users to the relationship. The primary user also grants or denies permissions to each account, statement access, or money movement features.

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Primary users can make changes to the records for a secondary user, including disabling or restoring all access for a user.

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Once a primary user for an account has enrolled in Small Business Bill Pay, secondary users also need to enroll themselves for bill pay on the online banking site before they can schedule payments.

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If secondary users for an account will be paying bills in Small Business Bill Pay, the primary user will set up permissions and approval level to do so.

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A secondary user that has permission to schedule a bill payment requiring approval can set up the payment in the Payment Center. It will await approval by the primary user or another secondary user with approval permissions.

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There are multiple ways to create and send ACH files. These instructions are specific to customers who use and edit templates on the current system to send ACH payments.

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  • There are multiple ways to create and send ACH files:
    You may save NACHA ACH files from other software and apps and import those files into Online Banking (this functionality remains essentially the same between the old and new systems);
  • You may save templates from the current Online Banking platform, and then import then into the new Online Banking system (separate instructions are available for this process); or
  • You may directly enter information into the new Online Banking system to send an ACH file.

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A guide to initiating wires for domestic transfer, initiating wires for international transfer, and approving wire transfers.

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