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Visa Debit Card



My Mobile Money puts YOU in control. With the My Mobile Money app, fraudsters don’t stand a chance. We’ll not only let you know if suspicious activity is happening, but what to do about it. Here’s what you can expect:

• Turn your card OFF when not in use!

• Manage your PS Bank Visa Debit card by viewing transactions.

• Set alert notifications by location, merchant type, transaction type, spending limits, or for all transactions!

• If a transaction looks suspicious, we’ll send a notification to your phone.

• You will be able to tell us immediately if it’s really fraud.

• If it’s not a valid transaction you made, we’ll immediately lock down your card.

• If it’s not fraud, you just let us know and keep using your card as usual.

Round-the-clock fraud protection is built into your app to protect you against criminals. Our Fraud Analysts are watching out for you 24/7 and will report on any suspicious card activity so you can rest easy: If you lose your card or suspect fraud, call 866-746-1011.

Download My Mobile Money from the App Store.



Your PS Bank Visa Debit Card allows you to withdraw funds without having to write a check. Use your Debit Card to make purchases at any location that accepts Visa and the funds will be automatically deducted from your checking.

To report a lost or stolen Visa Debit Card,

call 866-746-1011 during banking hours

or 1-866-842-5208 after hours.

Travel Alert: If you are planning to travel and use any PS Bank debit or credit card, please contact us before leaving, so we can insure no card interruptions while you are away.

Shop online and save time by not having to re-enter your credit card information when you use VISA Checkout at participating merchants.

Signing up is easy and free!

Create Visa Checkout Account

Get an extra layer of security when you shop online! In addition to our other ways of preventing, detecting, and resolving fraud, we offer Verified by Visa, a free, simple-to-use service that confirms your identity with an extra password when you make an online transaction.

You can register your card for Verified by Visa website by clicking here.

Questions?  Contact us at ebanking@psbanking.com or 866-746-1011.

Cardholders can now make secure purchases in-store, in-app, and online with mobile payments. Simply load your debit card on to your mobile wallet and pay for goods and services in millions of locations with Apple Pay and Google Pay.


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